IVA 2011 Conference Program

DAY 1: Thursday, September 15th
07:45Registration Desk Opens (closes at 17:00)
09:00-10:00Keynote 1: Svanhildur ÓskarsdóttirChair: Hannes Vilhjalmsson
10:30-12:00Paper Session 1: Social and Dramatic InteractionChair: Ruth Aylett
20Culture-related topic selection in SmallTalk conversations across Germany and Japan"Birgit Endrass, Yukiko Nakano, Afia Akhter Lipi, Matthias Rehm, Elisabeth André"
20"""I like your shirt"" - Dialogue Acts for Enabling Social Talk in Conversational Agents"Tina Kluewer
10Virtual clones: Data-driven social navigationDoron Friedman
10Tilt Riders: Improvisational Agents Who Know What the Scene is About"António Brisson, Brian Magerko, Ana Paiva"
10Digital Improvisational Theatre: Party Quirks"Christopher DeLeon, Brian Magerko, Peter Dohogne"
10Where to Sit? The Study and Implementation of Seat Selection in Public Places"Elín Carstensdóttir, Kristín Guđmundsdóttir, Gunnar Steinn Valgarđsson, Hannes Vilhjalmsson"
13:00-14:50Paper Session 2: Guides and Relational AgentsChair: Ana Paiva
20Relational Agents Improve Engagement and Learning in Science Museum Visitors"Timothy Bickmore, Laura Pfeifer, Daniel Schulman"
20Virtual Rapport 2.0"Lixing Huang, Louis-Philippe Morency, Jonathan Gratch"
20It’s in their eyes: A study on female and male virtual humans’ gaze"Philipp Kulms, Nicole Krämer, Jonathan Gratch, Sin-Hwa Kang"
10Get Involved in an Interactive Virtual Tour of Brest Harbour: Follow the guide and Participate"Mukesh Barange, Pierre De Loor, Vincent Louis, Ronan Querrec, Julien Soler, Thanh-Hai Trinh, Eric Maisel, Pierre Chevaillier"
10Using virtual tour behavior to build dialogue models for training review"Antonio Roque, Mark Core, Dusan Jan, David Traum"
10"Posture, Relationship, and Discourse Structure""Daniel Schulman, Timothy Bickmore"
15:20-17:00Paper Session 3: Nonverbal BehaviorChair: Dirk Heylen
20Sign Language Avatars: Animation and Comprehensibility"Michael Kipp, Alexis HELOIR, Quan Nguyen"
20How to train your avatar: a data driven approach to gesture generation"Chung-Cheng Chiu, Stacy Marsella"
10Nonverbal Action Selection for Explanations Using an Enhanced Behavior Net"Javier Snaider, Andrew Olney, Natalie Person"
10Providing Gender to Embodied Conversational Agents"Marco Vala, Gabriel Blanco, Ana Paiva"
10Modeling Gaze Behavior for Virtual Demonstrators"Yazhou Huang, Justin L Matthews, Teenie Matlock, Marcelo Kallmann"
10A Framework for Motion Based Bodily Enaction with Virtual Characters"Pugliese Roberto, Klaus Lehtonen"
18:00-19:30Reception / Posters / Demos (At Reykjavik University) - See Poster List belowChair: Yngvi Björnsson
1ForgetMeNot: Users’ expectations of remembering and forgetting in IVAs"Deborah Richards, Karla Bransky"
2Control of speech-related facial movements of an avatar from video"Guillaume Gibert, Catherine Stevens"
3Realistic eyes model taking into account pupil dilation and corneal reflectionGuillaume Gibert
4Towards a Design Approach for Integrating BDI Agents in Virtual Environments"Joost van Oijen, Frank Dignum"
5A BML-based Embodied Conversational Agent for a Personality Detection ProgramGuillermo Solano (presented by Dennis Reidsma)
6Individualized Agent Interactions"Ionut Damian, Birgit Endraß, Nikolaus Bee, Elisabeth André"
7Bots in Our Midst: Communicating with Automated Agents in Online Virtual WorldsDoron Friedman
8The effects of virtual agent humor and gaze behavior on human-virtual agent proxemics"Peter Khooshabeh, Sudeep Gandhe, Cade McCall, Jonathan Gratch, Jim J. Blascovich, David Traum"
9Source Orientation in communication with a conversational agent"Yugo Hayashi, Victor Kryssanov, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Akira Urao, Kazuhisa Miwa, Hitoshi Ogawa"
10Towards effective virtual negotiation training"Joost Broekens, Maaike Harbers, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Catholijn Jonker, Karel Van den Bosch, John-Jules Meyer (presented by Chao Qu)"
11Flipper: An Information State Component for Spoken Dialogue Systems"Mark ter Maat, Dirk Heylen"
12Are Intelligent Pedagogical Agents Effective in Fostering Students' Note-Taking While Learning?"Greg Trevors, Melissa Duffy, Roger Azevedo"
13Expressing Emotions on Robotic Companions with Limited Facial Expression Capabilities"Tiago Ribeiro, Iolanda Leite, Ana Paiva, Jan Kedzierski, Adam Oleksy"
14Intelligent Virtual Environment Development with the REVE Platform: an Overview"George Anastassakis, Themis Panayiotopoulos"
15Animating a conversational agent with user expressivity"Manoj kumar Rajagopal, Patrick Horain, Catherine Pelachaud"
16"Teaching Her, Him ... or Hir – Challenges for a Cross-Cultural Study""Magnus Haake, Annika Silvervarg, Betty Tärning, Agneta Gulz"
17Toward a Conversational Virtual Instructor of Ballroom Dance"Masaki Uejo, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Joo-Ho Lee, Kyoji Kawagoe"
18Checkpoint Exercise: Training with Virtual Actors in Virtual Worlds"Dusan Jan, Eric Chance, Dinesh Rajpurohit, David DeVault, Anton Leuski, Jacki Morie, David Traum"
19Examining learners’ emotional responses to virtual pedagogical agents’ tutoring strategies"Jason Harley, Francois BOUCHET, Roger Azevedo (presented by Gregory Trevors)"
20Interactive Characters for Cultural Training of Small Military Units"Priti Aggarwal, Kevin Feeley, Fabrizio Morbini, Ron Artstein, Anton Leuski, David Traum, Julia Kim"
21The Mona Lisa gaze effect as an objective metric for perceived cospatiality"Jens Edlund, Samer Al Moubayed, Jonas Beskow"
22CLARION as a Cognitive Framework for Intelligent Virtual Agents"Michael Lynch, Ron Sun, Nicholas Wilson"
23Modeling Nonverbal Behavior of a Virtual Counselor during Intimate Self-Disclosure"Sin-Hwa Kang, Candy Sidner, Jonathan Gratch, Ron Artstein, Lixing Hwang, and Louis-Philippe Morency"
24The BML Sequencer: A Tool for authoring multi-character animations."Priti Aggarwal, David Traum"
25Dynamic Planning for Agents in Games using Social Norms and Emotions"Palli Thrainsson, Hannes Vilhjalmsson"
DAY 2: Friday, September 16th
08:30Registration Desk Opens (closes at 17:00)
09:00-10:00Keynote 2: Jens EdlundChair: Stefan Kopp
10:30-12:30Paper Session 4: Adaptation and CoordinationChair: Elisabeth Andre
20Towards Conversational Agents That Attend to and Adapt to Communicative User Feedback"Hendrik Buschmeier, Stefan Kopp"
20Quid Pro Quo? Reciprocal Self-disclosure and Communicative Accomodation Towards a Virtual Interviewe"Astrid von der Pütten, Laura Hoffmann, Jennifer Klatt, Nicole Krämer"
20Multimodal Plan Representation for adaptable BML Scheduling"Dennis Reidsma, Herwin van Welbergen, Job Zwiers"
10SPECIAL REPORT: The BML Development Meeting
10Creating familiarity through adaptive behavior generation in human-agent interaction"Ramin Yaghoubzadeh, Stefan Kopp"
10Contextual Affordances for Intelligent Virtual Characters"Frederick Heckel, Michael Youngblood"
10Negotiations in the Context of AIDS Prevention: an Agent-based Model using Theory of Mind"Jennifer Klatt, Stacy Marsella, Nicole Krämer"
13:30-15:00Paper Session 5: Listening and FeedbackChair: Timothy Bickmore
20Towards More Comprehensive Listening Behavior: Beyond the Bobble Head"Zhiyang Wang, Jina Lee, Stacy Marsella"
20"Backchannels: Quantity, Type and Timing Matters""Ronald Poppe, Khiet Truong, Dirk Heylen"
10Modeling Side Participants and Bystanders: the Importance of Being a Laugh Track in Someone Else's"Jina Lee, Stacy Marsella"
10Appropriate and Inappropriate Timing of Listener Responses from Multiple Perspectives"Iwan de Kok, Dirk Heylen"
10 Identifying Utterances Addressed to an Agent in Multiparty Human–Agent Conversations"Naoya Baba, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Yukiko Nakano"
10Estimating User’s Conversational Engagement based on Head Pose Information"Ryota Oko, Ryo Ishii, Yukiko Nakano"
15:30-17:00Paper Session 6: Frameworks and ToolsChair: Michael Kipp
20Demonstrating and Testing the BML Compliance of BML Realizers"Herwin van Welbergen, Yuyu Xu, Marcus Thiebaux, Wei-Wen Feng, Jingqiao Fu, Dennis Reidsma, Ari Shapiro"
20Robots meet IVAs: A Mind-Body Interface For Migrating Artificial Intelligent Agents"Michael Kriegel, Ruth Aylett, Pedro Cuba, Marco Vala, Ana Paiva"
10Towards the rapid development of a natural language understanding module"Catarina Moreira, Ana Cristina Mendes, Luísa Coheur, Bruno Martins"
10Expressive Multimodal Conversational Acts for SAIBA agents"Jeremy Riviere, Carole Adam, Sylvie Pesty, Catherine Pelachaud, Nadine Guiraud, Dominique Longin, Emiliano Lorini"
10Continuous Interaction within the SAIBA framework"Job Zwiers, Herwin van Welbergen, Dennis Reidsma"
10A Flexible Dual Task Paradigm for Evaluating an Embodied Conversational AgentCatherine Stevens
17:00-17:30GALA Film Screening and votingChair: Phil Heslop
19:00-22:00Dinner at Reykjavik Restaurant (Downtown)
DAY 3: Saturday, September 17th
09:30Registration Desk Opens (closes at 14:30)
10:30-12:00Paper Session 7: Cooperation and CopresenceChair: Jonathan Gratch
20Did you notice? Artificial team-mates take risks for players"Tim Merritt, Christopher Ong, Teong Leong Chuah, Kevin McGee"
20Sharing Emotions an Space - Empathy as a Basis for Cooperative Spatial Interaction"Hana Boukricha, Nhung Nguyen, Ipke Wachsmuth"
10Perception of Spatial Relations and of Coexistence with Virtual Agents"Mohammad Obaid, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Catherine Pelachaud"
10Failure Detection and Reactive Teaming for Behavior-Based Subsumption"Frederick Heckel, Michael Youngblood"
10Comparing Modes of Information Presentation: Text versus ECA and Single versus Two ECAs"Svetlana Stoyanchev, Paul Piwek, Helmut Prendinger"
13:00-14:10Paper Session 8: EmotionChair: Catherine Pelachaud
20Empirical Evaluation of Computational Emotional Contagion Models"Jason Tsai, Emma Bowring, Stacy Marsella, Milind Tambe"
20Don't Scratch! Self-adaptors Reflect Emotional Stability"Michael Neff, Nicholas Toothman, Robeson Bowmani, Jean Fox Tree, Marilyn Walker"
10Exploration on Context-sensitive Affect Sensing in an Intelligent AgentLi Zhang
10To date or not to date? A minimalist affect-modulated control architecture for dating virtual char."Michal Bida, Cyril Brom, Markéta Popelová"
15:00-21:30Optional Nature Excursion: The Golden Circle (book at conference registration desk)